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By Huckleberry Films, Aug 14 2014 07:39AM

Funded by Super Slow Way, 'Eat!' by Black Country Touring came to visit Blackburn, and was part of Blackburn is Open's 'First Thursday' events.

The audience made their way in to the elaborately decorated caravan parked outside the Blackburn is Open shop, and it was a bit Tardis-like, feeling much bigger on the inside. We all took their seats in front of the red theatre curtain, and became quiet, waiting for the show to begin. There was space for quite a few to watch at once, we had 14 in our showing, ranging in ages from young children up to adults. The curtain opened, and the team of 3 performers then took us all on a 25 minute magical adventure, pulling props out of cupboards, singing, telling stories and entertaining us. They talked about food, lots of different sorts of food, and their tales drew inspiration from real life stories that had been shared with them in the past.

Afterwards the performers took photos with the audience, filmed an interview with us, and then got ready for their next show. They did 6 shows in one day between 2 and 7-30, and I think every show was fully booked. The caravan is one of four that often tour together, and it would be great to see all four together in the future, as I think that would really enhance the experience.

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