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Magic Lantern Tales

By Huckleberry Films, Sep 26 2014 08:52AM

The revamped 'First Floor at Accrington Library' venue hosted an evening of poems, stories, and projected images called 'Magic Lantern Tales' with poet and broadcaster Ian McMillan and documentary photographer Ian Beesley...

They brought some of the people connected with the First World War to life by sharing their stories, and showing us photographs, using amazing old 'Magic Lantern' technology.

The stories and poems were sometimes funny, and other times poignant... but always engaging, interesting and memorable. After a break for tea and ginger cake, the second half of the evening continued with photos and stories, and the one that made us laugh until we cried was a list of hundreds of nicknames given to workers in a factory, read out by Ian M. I missed my chance to buy a copy of the book with the list in, but wish I'd got one!

The final piece was collaborative, with audience members shouting out ideas and rhymes whilst Ian M shaped them into a poem, and Ian B chose relevant images to project. Ths led to a very funny poem about llamas and 'jamas and bats and cats, all set in the library at midnight. The legend of the 'shed based cat' was started, ready to be passed on to those who weren't there.

A fantastic evening, and amazing value at jut a tenner each. If you get the chance to see the Ians in action - I'd recommend checking them out.

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