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Our Emmeline

By Huckleberry Films, Jun 20 2018 11:14AM

We've been commissioned to document a brand new and very exciting statue currently being created for Manchester.

Sculptor Hazel Reeves is making a larger than life representation of Emmeline Pankhurst which will be unveiled in December in the centre of the city. The finished piece will be cast in bronze, and the figure of Emmeline will be standing on a chair. We visited Hazel in her studio to see how it was all going!

We've worked with Hazel previously, documenting her 'Cracker Packers' statue in Carlisle, and it is an honour to be working with her again. Her studio in Sussex is an amazing space, and to see the statue at this stage was fantastic.

Parts of the figure are still at the wire/armature stage (the hands and chair) and others are covered in clay. Life model and fellow sculptor Sarah was modelling for the statue on the day we visited, and Hazel was looking at details like the folds of clothes, and neck measurements to check they are how she wanted.

Councillor Andrew Simcock brought a group of representatives from Manchester council and Wythenshawe Safe Spots to visit Hazel in the studio during our visit, and it was lovely to see people's reactions to seeing the work in progress. The group had a lot of questions about the making process, and Hazel was able to explain the next steps that would be happening in the project.

We're looking forward to seeing the statue develop, and seeing the finished piece later this year.

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